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      This script (along the lines of Apache::MP3) will display your MP3 collection as a searchable, browseable, streamable website. Think: iTunes for your web browser. Stream your music from anywhere and without installing anything.

2011 Update: Most of the features provided by this app have been duplicated in any number of free or commercial offerings. I leave the code here simply as a reference for those who would like to customize it for their own use or would prefer the privacy of their own streaming service. It may still be an attractive option in lieu of sharing your music library with a 3rd party or uploading it to another service such as Amazon, Google or iTunes.


  • Stream songs to any Icecast/Shoutcast compatible MP3 player (xmms, winamp, audion & more)
  • ...or stream to the embedded flash player
  • Build and save custom playlists from any items you like. Individual songs or entire artist's libraries.
  • Feature rich yet easy to navigate interface
  • AJAX-based Live Search across artists, albums and song titles.
  • Browse through artists and albums.
  • View details on an album and all the songs in it.
  • Supports coverart images for each album.
  • An admin page for configuring playlist formatting.
  • Tracks your favorite and ignored songs alike.
  • Real-time history display of the songs you're listening to
The current version is 3.3 Download Now


The Requirements:
  • Well maintained ID3 Tags for the entirety of your library.
  • See the How-To for software requirements...


The Documentation:
  • Please read the in-depth Installation document setup directions.

Problems and Planned Upgrades

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Planned Upgrades:
  • Submit a request?

Version History

  • Version 3.3, Released July 18th, 2007: UI Changes. Upgraded embedded flash player.
  • Version 3.0, Released April 30th, 2007: Backend script optimizations, saved playlists work, lots of UI changes.
  • Version 2.0, Released July 16th, 2006: Saved playlists, customizable main page and more!
  • Version 1.9, Released April 15th, 2006: Mostly UI changes. Better CSS and higher compatibility with IE.
  • Version 1.8, Released March 12th, 2006: Fixed a bunch of crippling streaming bugs. Still more UI changes.
  • Version 1.6, Released March 10th, 2006: Fixed potential for infinite loop and custom playlist bug. More UI changes.
  • Version 1.5, Released March 9th, 2006: Fixed lots of little bugs, added some new features and embedded flash MP3 player.
  • Version 1.2, Released March 1st, 2006: First Version.


The Programmer: Joshua Cantara
Contains Code from a variety of other FOSS projects. See the install file for details.